Hiring Planning

Get ahead of the curve in planning when, and whom, to hire.

Uplift helps synchronize your budgeting process, performance reporting, time to hire and onboard, and target hiring profiles.

Bring cross-functional clarity to your hiring process and ensure your targets, role reqs, profiles, and training calendar are always aligned.

Annual Budget & Quotas

Bring the facts you need to define Sale’s role in your business’ strategy.

Uplift helps Sales leaders built fact-based cases for growth targets and quota levels during the annual planning process. We use your history and do deep factor analysis to shed light on the assumptions and targets that matter.

We can also help with ‘what if’ planning to access new revenue opportunities for your organization.

Compensation & Commissions

Set the right targets and handle complex situations quickly and accurately.

Uplift can help you optimize your compensation targets and commissions structure as you plan to grow your business.

We can also provide resolutions for complex commissions questions, applying your rules to deal with exceptions, legacy products, and splits not handled by your existing software.

Especially in businesses with dynamic pricing, complex bids, or where Sales leadership often makes ad hoc decisions, we provide a rapid, scalable solution.


Divide and conquer with less effort and better results.

Uplift combines your territory and commissions philosophy, your actual results and history, and your growth targets to build a plan reflective of your businesses’ unique needs.

Whether for Inside Sales, Field Sales, or both, we can create plans that work with any complexity of Sales hierarchy, segment strategy, product strategy, or employee turnover.

We also support realigning open territories and mid-year changes as needed.

Pipeline & Forecast

Go beyond high level forecasts and into the real story of your business.

Uplift can analyze combinations of factors to see what’s really driving results. We work in your context, using your company’s process and tracking of:

  • Accuracy
  • Velocity
  • Product
  • Opportunity
  • Pricing
  • Commissions
  • Sales Hierarchy
  • Industry
  • Segment
  • Territory
  • Geography

To create output the way you want it without the disruption of deploying new software or adopting complex, new processes.

Cause / Effect Analysis

Go deeper than ever before into the drivers of individual, team, territory, or product success.

Uplift can uncover the activities, techniques, talk tracks, and targeting that help drive performance differences, helping you understand what’s working and what’s not.

We give you the knowledge to help your whole team act like your top performers.

Want to see an uplift?